Madhu Pilgrimage – Tudella Parish

Over 500 Join Lenten Pilgrimage to Madhu

More than 500 parishioners of Tudella made a three-day Lenten pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu. The pilgrims who left St. Mary’s Church, Tudella before dawn on Friday, March 2, arrived at the Madhu shrine at lunch-time and began their spiritual exercises soon after.

The services were led by Fr. Linton Joseph Fernando Parish Priest, Tudella, assisted by Brother Sumedha. The tranquil atmosphere of the Madhu shrine provided a very conducive atmosphere for soul-searching and reflection.

Eucharistic services, the Way of the Cross and a candle-lit procession following the full Rosary at the Rosary Village at dusk on the second day provided the pilgrims with many opportunities for Lenten reflection.

The pilgrims also had their lighter moments when they had stream baths amid much fun and frolic.

The occasion provided an opportunity to bond with other parishioners as well as rejuvenate oneself spiritually.

In the days to come there will be many parishioners who will greet each other having spoken to each other for the first time during the pilgrimage, despite having seen each other at church services over many years.